Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager
Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager
Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager
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Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager

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Does working overtime, tons of stress, lack of physical activities, household chores sound familiar? Did you know that the work environment can provoke stress, which in its turn triggers headaches, neck pain, repeated migraines, stiff neck, and sleeping disorders?

You will say that all these symptoms are not life-threatening. Yeah, that’s true, but you can't deny such discomfort can affect your career, family, and quality of life. A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture are also not good for our health. Even hard training in the gym after sitting the whole day at your desk can lead to pinched nerves, tight muscles, and different types of injuries. So what, no physical activity at all? Or is there a solution? 

Our Electrical Pulse Neck Massager is the savior for your sore neck and back!


  •  Its ergonomics u-shaped design is in accordance with the ring-type design of your neck cervical. It is also adjustable up to 160 degrees to suit your comfort level.
  •  It comes with 6 different modes and 10 different intensity levels to suit your needs.
  •  The built-in magnetic effect helps to massage your acupoint to improve oxygen supply and nutrition status of your tissues' cells. 
  • The electric pulse helps to stimulate nerve acupoints to promote metabolism, relaxes sore muscles and stiffness. 

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